Halloween special – Sam Back reviews Costume Quest

Boo!  Wanna know something really scary?  Mother Nature has “egged” our region of the U.S. with a “Snowtober” storm that left 2.5 million people with power!  How’s that for a “trick or treat”?

Well, while I was slaving away in my underground bunker waiting for the end of the world, our own Sam Beck was playing Costume Quest (with the lights on of course).  Here’s a snip:

Every time the player hits up a house in game, there is a moment of anticipation as the person opening up the door will either be a person, in costume, rewarding the player with candy, the game’s monetary system, or an enemy that will trigger a JRPG style turn-based battle. It perfectly captures that tantalizing moment of anticipation I felt every time I rang a doorbell to mooch candy off of strangers as a kid. This mechanic serves as an outstanding example of how a game can use a cut scene and a cleverly placed load time to actually evoke emotions that aren’t “KILL-KILL-KILL,” derived from some boring and typically poorly written and or voice acted cut scene or the same old heavy handed “artsy” indie game crap.

Hope everyone out there has a safe and fun Halloween!  Costume Quest is on sale for only $4.99 during the Steam Halloween Special. Be sure to save some time to read Sam’s Costume Quest review and get your virtual Halloween on while you munch on that candy.

Costume Quest