Steam Addicts reviews LIMBO

Danish developer Playdead’s premiere title was enormously successful and highly praised as an Xbox Live exclusive.  LIMBO has finally been ported to the PS3 and Windows and has recently made its debut on Steam.  Steam Addicts own John Metz has spent some time with the game and has this to say about it:

By the time you reach the end of the game, you’ll be feeling somewhat uneasy. Not that LIMBO is a bad game by any means; in fact I think it’s quite the opposite. But the ending is up for interpretation, meaning it’s one of those games that’s going to force you to think. Boo! Combined with the relatively short time it takes to complete the title, and the somewhat steep price range for a game of its length, you might come out of LIMBO with a sweet, or sour taste left in your mouth.

You can read the rest of John’s review here.


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