Left 4 Dead 2 campaign Blood Tracks gets an update

The popular Left 4 Dead 2 custom campaign “Blood Tracks” created by modder Christopher Collini received a proper update.  Adding a whole new map dubbed “The Harbor” as well as adding in 2 new weapons, the fruits of this content heavy patch were well worth the nearly 40 day wait.  What are these flesh ripping, zombie killing, widow making weapons?  None other than a board with a nail in it, and bone crackin’ sledgehammer.  Nothing says “stay dead!” louder then a sledgehammer to the cranium…

…Or an assault rifle locked and loaded with 7.62mm rounds, but I digress.  For more information, check out Blood Tracks’ L4Dmaps.com page here.  Tell us what you think of it!

Blood Tracks

Thanks to JMantis for the heads up!