Steam Summer Camp Deals – Day 7


Hello campers,

Those of you returning from the nature hike, I hope it was an enjoyable and informative experience of how to identify flora and fauna.
I’ve identified the plant where we had our picnic and it was, indeed, poison ivy.

On the plus side, the aid station just got in a shipment of calamine lotion! Be sure to swing by and pick some up.

We have more camp activities for you to participate in today.

Steam Summer Camp Deals - Day 7


Today’s deals are:

Killing Floor
Left 4 Dead Franchise
Batman: Arkham Asylum: Game of the Year
Sims 3 Franchise
Gothic Franchise
Far Cry Franchise
King’s Bounty Franchise
Lost Planet 2
GTA 4 Complete
Atom Zombie Smasher

P.S. Please remember that the camp next door is off limits unless you want to spend the rest of your days as a sauntering, stinky corpse.
P.P.S. That reminds me. [rene.a] Tannekr, daily showers are mandatory, not just a suggestion.

Today’s “Camp Activities” deals:

Today’s “free” prize is awarded for posting your own video in Steam.*

*How do I post my video to my Steam Profile?  This is done by linking your YouTube account to your Steam Profile.  Get started by clicking the “View Videos” tab in your Steam Profile’s “Actions” menu.

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