Letters from Steam Summer Camp – Day 6

Dear Everybody,

Yesterday’s inter-camp Water Balloon Olympics was not our finest moment. We were up against a team from camp “Emencee”, which I think is Navajo for “semi-professional water balloon fighter” because those kids were ridiculously organized and scary good. I’ll spare you the gory details, except that Cyl started crying. He said it was just a water balloon that exploded on his eye, to which I said, “Cyl, this is the police. We traced that salty liquid AND IT’S COMING FROM INSIDE YOUR HEAD!” Which made him not cry even harder. We couldn’t find Cyl this morning and the crazy kid’s bow is gone. Anyway Tappet and I are still pretty damp. Don’t know if we’ll ever be dry. We’re going to stand under the hand driers in the counselors’ cabin.

Your pal,
Sir Roderick