Letters from Steam Summer Camp – Day 10

Dear Everybody,

Remember the totally silent kid from last year whose parents let him come to camp in a spacesuit? Well, something must have happened over the winter, because he’s a real chatterbox now. Right off the bat, he tells us he’s a minor. Cyl says it’s summer camp and we’re all minors, so, you know, big deal. Then the kid asks us if we want to hear a very scary story. Cyl says psh, very scary for your mom maybe. But then when the kid actually tells the story it turns out to be very scary for Cyl too, and we have to go wake up one of the counselors so Cyl can call his mom at 2am. Then Tappet decides to call his mom. And I figure, as long as we’re scared and near a phone, maybe I should too. Needless to say, there were a bunch of moms pretty annoyed with this kid.

Your pal,

Sir Roderick