Steam Summer Camp Sale – 2012: Day 5

Day #5: The plot thickens (in the voice of Cyl)

Now that Sir Roderick and Tappet are gone, it is time for me to hatch my plan!

Today’s deals include:

The steam summer sale also contains many pack discounts which can be found here. Along with flash deals that change every several hours, these can be found on the right-hand sidebar of the steam store page found here.

Steam Achievement Badges:

Complete at least three of the following tasks to get the first level of this badge.

  • Vote once – Participate in at least one Community Choice vote.
  • Vote 5 times – Participate in at least 5 Community Choice votes.
  • Vote 15 times – Participate in at least 15 Community Choice votes.
  • Vote 20 times – Participate in at least 20 Community Choice votes.
  • Vote every day – Participate in at Community Choice vote on each day of the Summer Sale.
  • Join the Summer Sale Group
  • Save money! – Purchase any discounted game, bundle or DLC during the Summer Sale.

P.S. Where did I leave my hammer?

Summer Sale 2012 – Day 5

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