Steam Addicts Anonymous: Weekly Roundup 42

More betas for you, everyone is gearing up for the Diablo 3 showdown:

  • CS:GO had another update and released the SDK a bit ago. Looks like things are heating up.
  • Torchlight 2 is in closed beta, but they have no NDA on it. An interesting choice.
  • Kotaku is making some bold claims that Steam will be integrating with brick and mortar stores in deeper ways. It could be fake, but if true then Steam retail vouchers can shake up the industry.
  • Hitman: Absolution is looking pretty good, and will likely be coming to Steam.
  • Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead have seen absolutely massive increases in buying due to the great mod Day Z.

Some of us have been playing Day Z until both our characters and real bodies are hungry and thirsty. Excuse me, I need to go try to figure out what is real and what is fake. As usual, be sure to leave us feedback on what you would like to hear about next edition. Help us help you!