Serious Sam HD multiplayer to go free-to-play alongside new mini-campaign DLC, on May 15th

Croteam and Devolver Digital have just announced that fresh downloadable content will be coming to Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter on the 15th of May, in the form of “Legend of the Beast“, a $5 DLC pack which will feature a brand new mini-campaign, containing 3 new singleplayer missions. In addition, it will include 3 new levels for SSHD:SE’s versus multiplayer modes, and 3 new levels for its Survival co-op mode.

Not only that, but come May the 15th, Second Encounter HD’s multiplayer component will be made free-to-play… forever. That includes each and every one of its versus and Survival modes, although single-player and online co-op will remain exclusive to the game purchase itself. Great stuff – hopefully this increases the player numbers.

The new DLC appears to be set in Ancient Egypt, and will see Serious Sam tracking down “the mysterious ram-god of The Great Obelisk”. I have no idea what that actually means, but I’m going to go ahead and assume this ram-god is going to ultimately be the big bad final boss. Interestingly, the DLC’s announcement image shows a promotional render of Serious Sam 3’s Khnum, an alien enemy and mini-boss, that was based off the actual Egyptian god Khnum.

Sounds pretty promising overall. It’s really cool to see a dev team that cares about more than just their newest release. That said, Croteam does have some Serious Sam 3 DLC in the works as well, which is awesome. Looking forward to seeing that – but not before I get to kill the ram-man dudegod.