Daily Deal – CID the Dummy

Not surprisingly, the Daily Deal repeats have been more frequent.  Here’s a retread from last June

In a world obsessed with safety the once lowly Crash Impact Dummy has risen to a position of great importance amongst us. Their day job – crashing, smashing, checking, re-checking and re-rechecking everything from lemonade to escalators to make the world a better place.

Now, the Crash Impact Dummy inventor, Dr. B.M.Werken, has lost his daughter and has choosen CID THE DUMMY to rescue…err…find her.

A chance to rescue the most beautiful girl in the world? Could be…a chance to crash and smash with real purpose? Definitely!

CID THE DUMMY is a platform game that grabs you straight away with its amusing blend of action and puzzle-filled game play. Based around the multiple opportunities for a Crash Impact Dummy to get into mischief, the game blends classic platform elements such as timed jumps, collecting pick-ups, defeating enemies, and challenging boss battles with more cerebral elements such as puzzles, clever weapon use and route finding.

  • 20 game levels including stunt car driving levels and end of level bosses
  • In-depth game play to solve puzzles and defeat enemies with force or stealth
  • Tutorial levels to learn CID’s skills
  • Sophisticated enemy AI used to create a full range of monstrous enemies each with unique attack tactics

Buy CID the Dummy today for $1.24 and save 75% off the regular price of $4.99.

CID the Dummy

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