Daily Deal – Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein takes players deep into the heart of the Reich, where experiments with a dark force known as the Black Sun threaten to embolden the Nazis with unimaginable powers. There’s only one man for a job of this magnitude: special agent B.J. Blazkowicz! But first he must harness the power of the Veil and hope to use the Nazi’s nefarious technology against them!

  • The Power of the Veil — This time B.J. can fight the occult with the occult! Use Veil Powers to navigate through the alternative realm, slow down time, use a shield, empower bullets and more!
  • Weapons of Total Destruction — From classic WWII guns (MP43 Assault Rifle, Kar 98 Rifle, etc.) to over-the-top sci-fi weaponry (Particle Cannon, Tesla Gun, etc.), Wolfenstein’s legendary FPS action returns with even more firepower!
  • Black Market Upgrades — Make your weapons and Veil Powers even stronger by purchasing critical upgrades on the Black Market.
  • Spoils of War — Gather Intel and discover Gold treasures while exploring the world of Wolfenstein. Unlock new upgrades and earn more purchasing power for the Black Market.
  • Secret Missions — Find characters with optional missions and go deeper into the mysteries of the Nazi war machine.
  • Frantic Multiplayer Action — Up to 12 players can compete online in Team Death Match, Objective and Stopwatch modes. Choose between three classes – Soldier, Medic and Engineer – each with their own unique Veil Power abilities.

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