CrossbowVille Mapping Competition is now underway

Phillip, of, a reviewer of sorts who specializes in custom maps/mods of the Half Life series, has begun a somewhat unique competition.  He’s let out a clarion call for all mappers and modders to come up with their best map and submit it before time runs out.  However, there’s a single catch.  The map must focus on the use of the Half Life 2 Crossbow.  He calls it “CrossbowVille.”

Phillip, who also happens to be the sole judge in this competition, is looking for people who can make a mod that focuses on the use of the Half Life 2 Crossbow and be generally fun to play.  Because let’s face it, it would be a rather lame download if the game wasn’t fun.  The top prize includes a MEKA g1 Keyboard and 50 bucks cash, and second place gets a Black Element gaming mouse and 25 dollars.  Here’s more of what he’s looking for.

Your entry must use the crossbow and be fun and exciting to play. It can be set in any environment you like, as long as it runs in EP2.

The winner will be chosen for using the weapon in an interesting way, that is fun and challenging to play. Other weapons may be used but the crossbow should be the focus of the map.

You can even think in the abstract and create something that is impossible in the real world. You may include other weapons but they must have limited ammo.

The contest lasts 40 days.

You heard the man.  40 days.  Better get those toolkits ready.