TheLostSoul’s first review

Today we have a review from a young up-and-coming gamer who calls himself TheLostSoul.  You might find him playing Team Fortress 2, Terraria, Minecraft, or any one of hundreds of other games.  Inspired by a visit to PAX East this past Spring, TheLostSoul hopes to one day make his career as a game developer.

In the meantime, he’s trying his hand at game reviews; and for his first, he’s chosen Half-Life 2 mod Obsidian Conflict:

Obsidian Conflict is a good mod if you have a group of willing friends (or willing enemies), but don’t expect to jump into a running server, and don’t play if you aren’t willing to play a mod relativity similar to Half-Life 2.  But if you can find the group, then you may be in for a fun surprise!

You can read the rest of his review here.

Obsidian Conflict