Daily Deal – Horrid Henry

Now Horrid Henry moves from the multi-million selling book series and massively successful TV show onto the PC!

Henry is a head-strong boy, constantly raging against the tyranny of adults and infuriating girls.

Henry has a range of special skills and equipment he can use during missions. His task is to dash around locations playing pranks on other characters while trying to avoid getting caught.

  • Fun and engaging objective-based gameplay, with a real kid’s champion!
  • Multiple difficulty settings allow each player to enjoy a challenging game.
  • 8 bonus levels to unlock with genuinely horrid rewards.
  • Includes loads of Henry’s favorite stuff – supersoakers, gross goo, spiders and stink bombs.
  • Fun characters include Henry’s nemesis Moody Margaret, his annoying little brother Perfect Peter and scary Miss Battle-Axe.

Something for the younger crowd this time around, you can be playing this game today for only $2.50 (regularly $9.99).  Put that Wii away!

Horrid Henry