EA wins likeness case

Electronic Arts has won their case over the likenesses of some Rutgers University players.

The basis for EA winning the case lies in the argument that their use of his likeness constitutes free speech. Gamasutra gave a very detailed story here. The case itself has been dismissed, which is a win in any lawyer playbook.

The judge did however leave the case open for an appeal by Ryan Hart on some other basis. This is a very sticky situation, as they are thus far saying that my right to portray you overrules your rights to your own likeness.

If this ruling is applied to other sectors of gaming, Electronic Arts could gain unprecedented power in a variety of fields. They would not have to pay likeness fees in a huge number of areas, saving them thousands or possibly millions.

However this case is not over yet, but we will keep you posted as it has ramifications for the entire industry.

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