Counter-Strike: Global Offensive legitimizes “Gun Game”

Valve has already stated a bunch of times that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive won’t be an official sequel in the Counter-Strike franchise.  Instead, they label the newest venture as an updated version, adjusted for modern FPS players.  To reinforce this even further, Valve announced that CS:GO will incorporate a fan favorite mod known as “Gun Game,” bringing a sense of familiarity to one of the industry’s most favorite games.

In the mod, all players begin with a certain weapon, and as they kill, are automatically given newer, sometimes better, sometimes worse weapons.  The farther you go, the harder it is to take out opponents, giving the game type a definite appeal to those who perfer a more skill based match.

Valve is working with the creators of Gun Game in order to best implement into the final package.  It seems the only thing being changed about this mod is the name.  CS:GO will refer Gun Game as “Arsenal,” and will hopefully bring back the frantic twitch shooting fans know and love.  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be out sometime early next year.  For more information, check out it’s Steam page.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive