Editorial: EA playing “Keep Away” from Steam

(Ed Note: Be sure to read the Editorial that got me banned from the Steam Forums for linking to it!)

Steam Addicts’ own Sam has published his latest rant, taking game publishing giant Electronic Arts to task for its ongoing attempt to bend Steam to its will by playing a game of “Keep Away” with its biggest titles.  This week, Battlefield 3 became the latest in a growing list of games EA took off the table, ostensibly because of Steam’s “restrictive terms of service” that limits how the company can provide patches and other content.

Well, Sam has another way of looking at it:

I haven’t been on any message boards lately, as I’ve been too busy taking my rage to the streets. On my way to work where I earn fabulously large amounts of money, I scream in people’s faces that I will never buy another EA game again. In fact my Battlefield 3 fund has been riding shotgun in my car for days. That way whenever a homeless person comes to smear my window up with a spray bottle and a dirty copy of the Sunday comics, I can hand him a bill from the jar. They always seem grateful, then confused when they notice that I’ve written “F*** EA” on both sides.

That is what you call doing my part. These types of things are important and no opportunities to let the unwashed masses, in the case of the hobos literally, know how angry I am due to video games should ever be squandered.

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