Bastion meets Portal 2 in this PC Easter egg

The smash hit Indie game Bastion has only been out for a very short amount of time, especially it’s PC release.  Regardless, adventurous gamers have already begun to dig up Easter Eggs.  One in particular that only appears in the PC version is a hidden skill called the “Gel Canister.”  Upon throwing it, a chirping gun turret will appear from the ooze left behind and start rattling away at opponents caught in it’s laser sight.  Sound familiar?  Yes.  Not just any turrets.  The turrets from Portal.

It’s not rare for game companies to throw in pieces of their inspiration into their games, even if they are just Easter eggs.  It’s also not rare for Valve to cross promote their own titles through games that use the Steam service.  It’s not rare, but when it does happen, it’s always wonderful to see.

Bastion is an amazing title, and I expect to get my thoughts of it down in a proper review. Till then, keep your eyes open for it on our front page.


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