Fan Films reach a new level with Singularity Collapse

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Valve fans have always expanded the game world in invaluable ways. But now they’ve taken it to another level with the feature-quality Singularity Collapse:


With such excellent content fans are clamoring for a major movie. TF2 has the promise and Half Life  has the storyline for one. But they’re doing more than hoping and wishing, because there is a whole world of fan movies to discover.

From the comical Full Life Consequences  to the campy L4D Live Action, Valve lovers have made their own world. Not to be outdone, Valve has ventured into comics with Left 4 Dead “The Sacrifice” and various TF2 comics.

Another noteworthy mention is a unique Portal 2 comic. “Lab Rat” has a different tone than the other comics, with a unique art style. If you like stories a bit out of the mainstream it is definitely worth a read.

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