Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Teaser and Images Released

Kotaku has been claiming exclusive first details of the next title in the CoD franchise, and it looks now as they’ve been vindicated.  A teaser trailer and several images have now surfaced, according to The Daily BLAM!:

Although none of the information given has been confirmed by Activision or Infinity Ward, what little the game’s publisher has released indeed matches up with the leaked info, and thus is presumed at least partly true by most gaming media outlets. Fans should be mindful, however, that much will likely change from now until the game’s release date. Images from Kotaku’s supposed leak can be seen below.

Activision officially announed the game today, and released the first teaser trailer on the Modern Warfare 3 Facebook page.

There are lots and lots of spoilers in the middle of the article, however TDB has been kind enough to clearly mark the beginning and endpoints.  Those who are curious to see the video and pictures will be able to do so without accidentally discovering unwanted details.

The release date is now said to be November 8.

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