Crysis 2 back on Steam, as “Crysis 2: Maximum Edition”

The year was 2011, and there was some turmoil between Valve and EA regarding Steam’s policies on DLC distribution. As a result, a number of other high-profile EA releases, among which was Crysis 2 (which had just been released at that time) were pulled from the Steam Store, seemingly permanently.

But rejoice, fans of Crysis (almost called you Cryfans there), for Crysis 2 has returned to Steam, as “Crysis 2: Maximum Edition”. What makes it so… maximal? Well, it includes both the Retaliation and the Decimation DLC packs (which, in total, add two new weapons and 9 new maps to C2’s multiplayer mode), and it also includes all of the Limited Edition’s bonus gameplay unlocks. It’s currently priced at about $40, but EA have applied appropiate currency conversion to most regions, and they are even offering 50% off, for any owners of Crysis 2 on Steam who wish to upgrade to the Maximum Edition (an offer that ends on the 12th of June, at 10AM Pacific time).

Apart from that, there’s no way to separately purchase the DLC – so this is the only chance to acquire both the new multiplayer DLC, and the game itself. But with Crysis 3 already on the way, this might be an offer worth considering.