New Natural Selection 2 gameplay trailer & “Gorilla” Steam release

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This just popped into my Inbox from Game Director Charlie Cleveland and I was so excited I just had to share it asap:

Today we released a big new patch to Natural Selection 2. This update is code-named “Gorilla” because it contains our 5th and final alien: the Onos. It also includes marine jetpacks and a new map called mineshaft. To celebrate, we released a gameplay trailer showing all of this.


We’ve also released many new screenshots.

Natural Selection 2 is a sequel to Natural Selection, which was a mod for Half-life and released in 2002. NS2 is written on our own custom engine called “Spark” and ships with all the tools and game code used in the game. In fact, NS2 is a mod itself, which we are hoping will show players what they can make if they choose to mod our game! We have over 30,000 players in the beta and we will release v1.0 to the public this summer.

Wow!  I’ve known Charlie now since the late 90’s and to see where he’s gotten with this game is a still an eye-opener to me.  It’s been a long time coming, and I couldn’t be happier for him and his team.

Make sure to stop by and tell him the guys over at Steam Addicts say “Hi!”.  You can keep up with Natural Selection in the following ways:

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