Steam Holiday Sale – Encore Day

Steam Holiday Sale ends today with the Grand Prize everyone’s talking about:  EVERY SINGLE STEAM GAME!

Achievement Unlocked: 2012

Happy New Year and congratulations for making it to 2012 in one piece. It’s time to hold strong to your resolution to play more games. We know it’s going to be hard but sacrifices must be made. So lets start the year off with a bang and one more chance to get these great games at a great price.

Today’s Daily Deals Include:

L.A. Noire
Dead Island
Portal series
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Serious Sam 3
Dungeon Defenders
Assassin’s Creed series
Orcs Must Die!
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Saints Row the Third
Batman: Arkham City
Total War series

Today’s objectives:

Make sure to check out all the details at:

Steam Holiday Sale

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