Steam Holiday Sale – Day 6

The race continues today with the Grand Prize everyone’s talking about:  EVERY SINGLE STEAM GAME!

Hello Friends,

The night before Christmas is finally here. I hope all of you have been on your best behavior because its too late to change what’s written in the big book. Remember to go to bed early or Sir Roderick may not stop by with your next round of daily deals. On a side note, we recently upgraded from reindeer pulling the sleigh to something else entirely. We think that it will help us get the gifts delivered in record time this year. There are a couple draw backs to the new mode of transportation but we learned that if we keep fire extinguishers handy it all goes well enough.

Today’s deals are:

Borderlands Franchise
Tom Clancy Franchise
Plants vs. Zombies
Blood Bowl LE
Renegade Ops
Company of Heroes Franchise
Hard Reset
Wings of Prey

– Steam Elves

Today’s objectives:

  • CrimeCraft GangWars
    Snow Ballin’ – Earn a total of 200 points from Snow Brawl matches. This match type can be found under the events tab in the battles menu starting from level 8
  • Hard Reset
    Blizzard (Special) – Kill 50 enemies with electricity only
  • Jamestown
    With Your Nose So Bright… – Complete any mission playing as the Red Charge ship.
  • Wings of Prey
    It’s winter! – Complete any mission on winter locations: Korsun, Stalingrad or Bulge
  • Renegade Ops
    Naughty or Nice – Receive a present from Santa Claus (Coldstrike DLC required)
  • And Yet It Moves
    Shown White – Ride on a severed branch in Chapter Two for about 20 meters without touching the ground.

Make sure to check out all the details at:

Steam Holiday Sale - Day 6

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ride on a severed branch in chapter two for about 20 meters without touching the ground, naughty or nice - receive a present from santa claus (coldstrike dlc required)