Portal’s Kim Swift brings you Quantum Conundrum

That’s right, Portal co-creator Kim Swift is bringing you a new puzzle game called Quantum Conundrum.

The premise of this game as that you are a boy who has been dropped off with his mad scientist uncle. As you might expect, some of his experiments go horribly wrong. Your uncle is caught up in the chaos of his giant mansion as reality bends around itself. You, of course, have to go save him from himself with the help of one of his inventions.

The gameplay revolves around an Inter-Dimensional Shift Device which lets you shift between planes of existence. This is a common and very much overused mechanic in many games. However, on the upside, this game promises to deliver more than just two dimensions. There will in fact be a total of five dimensions which you will have to navigate between for puzzles. It should mix up this basic gameplay element in a great way.

You will be able to shift between anti-gravity, fluffy and many other dimensions to solve the various puzzles. If Portal is any indication, the puzzle aspects should be excellent. You could use the slow-motion dimension to slow a trap, then the anti-gravity dimension to get over an obstacle. You will have to think fast to make some quick moving combinations.

While the presentation of the game is done in a cartoon style, the puzzles should be quite difficult. Some of them should be on par with the difficulty of Portal.  As Team Fortress 2 proved, you can have a cartoon style and still have some decent gameplay.

Quantum Conundrum is going multiplatform on Xbox, PS3 and most importantly Steam. It is going to be a smaller title, which is good news for those of us who have hurting wallets. Look for it to be below even $40 as it is being released on Xbox live arcade, PSN and normally for Steam.