No multiplayer for Mass Effect 3?

Mass Effect Universe, a Mass Effect role play forum recently managed to get an interview with Bioware Producer Jesse Houston.  Aside from answering a couple of questions about his personal life and behind the scenes at the company, Jesse also managed to slip in an interesting statement regarding Mulitplayer in the long awaited sequel to the Mass Effect franchise.

As for the Multiplayer rumors – They are just rumors. We’re really focused on delivering the best single player story experience that we possibly can and one that can tie up all the loose ends and finish the trilogy with the love and devotion that it deserves!

Could this mean that the dream of fighting hordes of Batarians with your closest allies be truly over?  One way or another, Mass Effect 3 looks to be a contender for game of the year, considering Bioware’s stellar track record of putting great titles on the market.  For a link to the forum interview check out Mass Effect Universe here.

Mass Effect 3

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