From Dust useless without Internet connection

From Dust, an ambitious console game all about being a protective god in a shattered world, was recently ported to PC through Steam.  However, at it’s 14.99 price tag, owners of the delayed port were greeted with a rather disappointing DRM runaround, requiring an internet connection simply to launch the game.  Ubisoft, the game’s Dev and publisher, had originally claimed that the game itself would have a one-time activation requiring an internet connection, and that’s it. Here’s what was said.

We are aware of some confusion over the inclusion of DRM in the release of From Dust on PC.

To prevent any on-going confusion we would like to clarify From Dust PC will release with DRM requiring a one-time only online activation. After which you will be able to play the game offline.

We hope this clears any outstanding confusion on the matter

That was not the case however, as players who tried to launch the game were met with Ubisoft’s “Uplay” game launcher, a tool  that requires an internet connection for every launch.  This information, tied with some reports that the game itself is a bad port from console to begin with (30 fps cap, limited video options, menu screen not loading) is a disheartening blow to the ambitious game’s PC release.

Those who purchased the game can pursue a refund through Steam, as well as Ubisoft through it’s support page here.

From Dust

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