Steam gaming on a budget

With the shelf price of video games threatening to push the $60 boundary, players are really starting to consider how to get the greatest “bang for the buck”.  One of the greatest strengths of PC versus console gaming is the whole Mod scene, where players can download multiple map packs, addons, and other “aftermarket” modifications to give the base game a greater replay value.

Our own geek entertainment guru Walter breaks down some of the most replayable Mods on a game-by-game basis:

Counter-Strike and Garry’s Mod

While they each have a ton of their own mods, of greatly varying quality, the two together make magic. Why? Four words: Trouble in Terrorist Town — it is where CS:S meets Clue.

You have Detectives who are trying to kill the Traitors, Traitors who are trying to kill everyone but each other and innocents who are attempting to survive while finding the traitor. Why is it great? Because of the mind games that take place.

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