Sid Meier’s Civilization V PC Update Released

This is basically a small hotfix that addresses a few issues, including one exploit:

  • Hot-Seat: Refresh resource icons for each player so that you cannot see another players resource icons above the fog. This also allowed you to see the location of a natural wonder discovered by another player as well. Both have been addressed with this fix.
  • Hot-Seat: Fix auto-save issue that was causing “Next Turn” hangs on re-load when players had no AI in the match.
  • Policies: Fix an issue that was causing policy finishers to count against the cost of the next policy (should be free).
  • UI: Map Options panel now works correctly for both multi-player and single player.
  • Modding: Fix problem that caused errors when starting WorldBuilder.
  • Modding: Fix problem causing WorldBuilder maps loaded as scenarios to always load the first leader slot instead of the selected leader.
  • Exploit: Close exploit that allowed a user to “sell” a free building for gold each turn without losing the building.
  • Multiplayer: Because of a hot-seat change, the chat window would end your turn every time a user hit “enter” after typing something in chat. This is now corrected.

Sid Meier's Civilization V

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