Daily Deal – Crazy Machines Everything Pack

Turn the crank, rotate the gears, push the levers, Use the catapult, explode it, or fly it…From grilling sausages with a pulley, gears, rubberbands and a candle to firing a cannon with a basketball, these wacky brain-teasers will light up your imagination with creative and addictive fun. Key Features: 70+ Elements Addictive Fun!

This package deal contains the following games and downloadable content:

  • Crazy Machines
  • Crazy Machines 1.5
  • Crazy Machines 2
  • Crazy Machines 2: Back to the Shop Add-On
  • Crazy Machines 2: Liquid Force Add-on
  • Crazy Machines 2: Time Travel Add-on

Crazy Machines Everything Pack can be bought for $19.99, while normally priced at $39.99.

Crazy Machines Everything Pack