Valve Has No Plans for Source Engine “2”

Software developer will continue to improve and iterate rather than version

Several members of the Valve team are talking to Develop magazine about their future plans with Source, and they don’t include multiple distinct versions.  According to Gabe Newell:

“I think that incremental updates model has worked really well for us,” he said.

“Does that mean we’ll reach some architectural tipping-point where we’ll need to change? No. I mean, if Larrabee [Intel’s promising GPU that was cancelled as a consumer device] had shipped that would have probably necessitated some fairly dramatic changes in order to take advantage of it. But, so far we’ve been able to keep the engine moving ahead, robustly. I mean, I think it looks great.”

Also quoted in the article are artist Ted Backman, Erik Johnson, and Robin Walker.  Developer has been talking to – and writing a fair bit about – Valve lately, so lots to read there.