Help Wanted


The Introduction:

Since Half-Life was first released in 1998, we became fans of Valve’s games. From then on, as our gaming buddies got more attention than our girlfriends, we started wanting to talk about the game with other people. And so we made our little fansites where we could do just that.

But that still wasn’t enough. We wanted to talk to the people who were making the games too. So we started doing that. We talked to the mappers, and the modders and even the guys at Valve themselves.  Then other developers.

Now we have a lot more experience, we’re a little older and fatter, but we still love doing it.

The Pitch:

We’re always growing here at Steam Addicts, and it’s people like you that make us what we are. We’re always looking for talented and dedicated writers, graphic artists, and so forth to help keep the site running smoothly and with lots of content.

Working for Steam Addicts is a volunteer position that looks great on a resume, is fun and challenging, and is a good way to get your name out there in the gaming industry.

Below is a current list of open positions, but if you feel you can contribute to the site in another way we haven’t thought of, please feel free to submit your application anyway.

The Positions:

News Editor
The News Editor position requires a lot of dedication. We want our news to be fresh, interesting, and not simply copied from another source.

– Must have strong spelling and grammatical skills
– Must be able to show examples of your work
– Must be dedicated and willing to spend a few minutes several times each week contributing
– Must be flexible and teachable
– WordPress experience a plus
– HTML/graphics experience a plus

Staff Writer
If writing is your passion and gaming your love, why not combine the two? We’re looking for talented writers to write reviews, conduct interviews, write fan fiction, etc. We have the gaming contacts to help you get it done.

– Must have strong spelling and grammatical skills
– Must be able to show examples of your work
– Must be available to write a minimum of 3-5 features / month
– HTML/graphics experience a plus

The Close:

If our mind control devices are working correctly, you can’t wait to get started!  Please fill out our Contact form, and be sure to include your real name and URL examples of your work.


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