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Version4 (current)
Date postedDecember 30, 2011
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CategoriesLeft 4 Dead 2 Maps, Left 4 Dead 2
AuthorR.T. Frisk


*** Suicide Blitz 2 (version 4) *** by R.T. Frisk
Custom Campaign for Left 4 Dead 2

–Level Design – Sound/Voices/Video–
R.T. Frisk

— Level Design Contributor–
Brian McMurtrie

inigo montoya

R.T. Frisk
Greg Milton
Steve Antash

–Additional Voices–
Dani Cox
Steve Antash
Gabriel “ilcannibal” Fayerweather

–Texture Contributors–
Rob Flynn
Ashley “maximusboomus” Murrell
Brian McMurtrie

Would like to thank the following:

–Play Testers–
Inigo Montoya
Maj. Pratt
Kev Edwards
Steve “Defme” Antash
Matthew “Don King” Lourdelet and Co.
Mi Familia
All the miscellaneous people who ended up with the beta of my campaign (mostly versus testers) and are too numerous to mention — you know who you are…

Thanks to MissyChrissy and MsCaroline for being great explorers and test subjects.


Thanks to everyone on the Steam forums, L4DMaps and the people who emailed me for all their help, suggestions, bug finds and general support.

TechKnowCSS for the help with the custom tank

Thanks to for additional textures

–Website Contributors–
Max S. from
Fredrick “de’pain” Weddington

Johny[SRKA] for his bowling pin model
cloud_strife for the football model

byblo for misc models
*his credits:
* Thanks to: for the great 3D modeling tool: kHED for the separated windows which driving me crazy for the textures collection for the comprehensive list for the good tutorials for the good tutorials for the good tutorials for the good tutorials for the good tutorials

Obsidian Dawn for brushes used in texture creation (

I had some difficulty pinning down exactly who made the vtfs related to portals for gmod. The best username I could determine is blackops7799. dougturner for materials (crate)

DragonArtz – for the camo tent texture

stefan from for misc. sounds

aesqe for his great lapping water boat sound –


Thanks to Stephan “CosmicD” Vandenborn for the music and for his general help with my sounds and music

Atmospheric Music by: ERH

ERH has another existence as Sinu Spiral at myspace:

DJChronos “Dan Oberbauer” for his Horror Drone

Atmospheric Music by: ubik

Mike Morasky

HUGE thanks to shotgunefx(Lee) for helping me with some of the more complex scripts

–Flow Map–
Big thanks to Yanzl for the flowmap used on map 2 riverwalk riverwater


This is a Left 4 Dead 2 campaign and therefore contains some brushes used in the retail Left 4 Dead series. These brushes are edited and are not carbon copies. My thanks to Valve for these additional assets.


tsr2 on the Steam Forums

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