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Date postedJanuary 9, 2012
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CategoriesLeft 4 Dead 2, Left 4 Dead 2 Maps
AuthorPetter Hesse "Diputs"


Campaign: Death Aboard
Stages: 5 / 5
Prison, Prison Yard, Docks, Ship and Lighthouse

CREATED BY: Petter Hesse “Diputs”
CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK BY: Mark Hünermund Jensen
DATE: 20 august 2011

Delete previous versions first.
Unzip and doubleclick the deathaboard2.vpk file
simply copy the file unzipped vpk file into your addons folder in your l4d game folder (Steam\SteamApps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\addons)

After installing you’ll find Death Aboard in your addon menu in left 4 dead.
The Death Aboard campaign works both in coop and versus.
It also contains 2 survival mode maps.


Version 8.0 Release

  • Fixed custom music not working correctly

Version 7.0 Release

Campaign updates:

  • Added custom made soundtrack by Mark Hünermund Jensen (
  • Added survival mode for the lighthouse map and a remade (non-tilted) survival ship map
  • Fixed version mixup giving the “string table error” message
  • Fixed items not spawning on first round in safe room
  • Updated nav on all mapsFirst level updates (The Prison):
  • Redid some areas (Specially starting area)
  • Clipcontrolled a lot of areas to smooth out unwanted bumps
  • Added more access points for infected
  • Added one more rescue closet near start
  • Added new optional route at the end
  • Fixed some nav issuesSecond level updates (The Prison Yard):
  • Redid some areas (Specially office section and sewers)
  • Redid crescendo event a bit
  • Fixed possible shortcut exploit at crescendo event
  • Removed the corner in the crescendo event
  • Added more ladders for infectedThird level updates (The Docks):
  • Changed area close to crescendo to allow easier infected access
  • Fixed some places where players could get stuck
  • Added more ladders for infected
  • Changed fence placement at crescendo a bit to avoid possible exploit
  • Fixed some nav issues
  • Fixed crescendo button displaying wrong instructionFourth level updates (The Ship):
  • Fixed some places where players could get stuck
  • Added ladder for the infected to be able to climb aboard at the end
  • Added a health cabinet
  • Finally fixed water (at the cost of having no ragdolls)Fifth level updates (The Lighthouse Escape):
  • Fixed survivors sometimes surviving being knocked off the cliff into the water
  • Removed push in water
  • Added more ladders for the infected (Tanks now has access to starting area)
  • Fixed some nav issues
  • Made skybox edge in water less noticeable
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