Steam Summer Camp Deals – Last Last Day!

Update (2:57 PM EDT): Just checked in real quick with Doug Lombardi.  This sale does indeed end at 1:00 PM EDT/10:00 AM PDT just as all of the other Summer Camp deals did.

Oh Valve, you’re such teases!

Macaroni art
Summer camp maybe over but that does not mean the fun has to end!

Dear Everybody,

Dash’s mom showed up to give us a ride home. Cyl had a bag. I had a bag. Tappet had a seven foot pile of crates and trunks like some sort of Duchess boarding the Titanic. Nobody’s sure where it all came from, but Lady Tappet won’t leave it. Dash’s mom gave up and left us to figure it out. We decided to temporarily stow the big stuff at camp and go rent a truck. The good news is Marty was still around to drive us into town in his lightning car. The bad news is this must be Amish country or something, because nobody in town seems to know what a truck is. Or a phone. Or twenty-seven of the fifty states. Back on the good news side, though, stamps are only a penny!

Your Pal,

Sir Roderick

Apparently, although no one is left at camp, the deals continue on for… a…. day? Here’s what we do know:

Publisher Pack Deals still on Sale:

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