Steam Summer Camp Deals – Day 10

Campfire Stories

Hello campers,

I am operating in sleep deprevation mode due to Camper Isaac and his stories that kept me up past my bedtime last night. So please forgive any tpyos.

Remember to reserve phone calls to mom to designated collect call hours. There is only one thing worse than angry beavers, minnow gangs, and zombies – grumpy parents!!

Check out today’s camp activities.

Today’s deals are:

Dead Space Franchise
Portal II
F1 2010
Prince of Persia Complete Pack
Duke Nukem
Hitman Collection
Supreme Commander 2
Sam & Max Franchise
X3: Terran Conflict and X Superbox
NeverWinterNights Platinum
Post Apocalyptic Mayhem

P.S. If you need me I will be meditating to reduce my paranoia so I can nap.

Today’s “free” prize (Honest feedback) – Post a comment on a friend’s screenshot.

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