Letters from Steam Summer Camp – Day 9

Dear Everybody,

Well, other than the name, Steam Camplympics went off without a hitch. More or less. The two kids who run the camp book – which means they take bets – had an outlaw line – which is basically early odds – that Cyl managed to get into so he could straight bet a dime on the three worm – which in this case just means three actual worms. You’re probably thinking, wow, those must be some fast worms! They’re not. Cyl just has a gambling problem. The biggest part of the problem is that none of us owns a gambling dictionary, because it turns out “dime” actually means “one thousand dollars”. The sports book kids say they’re going to “break” Cyl’s “legs”, which we’re pretty sure is Gamble-ese for “have a good laugh about this misunderstanding”, because Cyl doesn’t have legs.

Your pal,

Sir Roderick